The order I received is incorrect. What do I do?
If you order is incorrect please call, chat or email us. Once we confirm the package was sent in error we will ship the correct order to you (free of charge) and email you a return label. If you have any more questions please view our return policy.


What is the difference between indoor and outdoor volleyballs?
Indoor volleyballs are molded and the panels glued to the inner lining of the ball. The process makes the outside of the ball more smooth and consistent. As a result, the ball withstands the rigors of indoor use. Outdoor & Beach volleyballs tend to weigh slightly more and are hand-stitched. These two factors help protect the ball from the elements and high winds.


How much do volleyballs weigh?
A regulation volleyball weighs approximately 10 oz. 


My volleyball isn’t holding air. What do I do?
Any ball that isn't used for a while will loose air, so first inflate it to the recommended pressure and use it. If this is not the case and your volleyball isn’t holding air please make sure it has been stored for more than 48 hours in a clean, dry location at room temperature. If the ball is still not holding air, please contact us.